Ocean Springs Attracts Medical Facilities

A growing number of medical specialties are opening facilities in east Ocean Springs.

Construction is underway on two outpatient surgery centers and an eye care clinic. A new heart center and several doctor's offices also recently opened.

Work crews are busy building a new Gulf Coast Endoscopy Center. It's among several medical complexes under construction near Ocean Springs Hospital.

Dr. Alfred McNair says he never envisioned expanding so soon.

"It's a nice neighborhood to live in. There's a lot more businesses coming. So there's just increased growth in the area. Also it's kind of central. So it's easy for patients to get here."

Growth in the area also got the attention of the cardiologists who helped build the Southern Mississippi Heart Center.

Dr. Mahmoud Zayed saw the potential several years ago.

"When we came here about seven or eight years ago we were really impressed by the area. And at that time, as you may know, there wasn't a whole lot of growth. But we could see it was coming to the area. Definitely."

The Heart Center offices opened in November. It will include preventive care and the latest diagnostic technology. Like a nuclear camera which takes detailed images of the heart.

"And find out how much risk people are at for having heart attacks. In addition, we can see how the heart muscle squeezes to see if patients have had heart attacks previously."

Dr. Ahmed Osman says the residential growth is important and the demographics are right.

"Also you know the population is aging. And there's a significant increase in the need for cardiology with that," said Dr. Osman.

Ocean Springs Hospital is also expanding its services. A new outpatient surgery center should open by mid May.

"I think the hospital is really a cornerstone for the medical community and I think as the hospital has growth and we've seen more physicians move to the area, it's kind of built on itself. And we've seen further development," said hospital chief executive, Chris Anderson.

It's ongoing development that doesn't seem to be slowing down.