Biloxi Considers Another High Rise Condo Development

"Not in our neighborhood."

That's what some Biloxi residents told city council members Tuesday about a controversial high rise condo proposal.

The developer wants to turn some property just west of the Coliseum into a condotel that would also include a restaurant and lounge.

Dozens of residents who live nearby are against the project.

The developer says it's all about providing more housing and helping the coast economy, but it was obvious at Tuesday's council meeting not everybody agrees.

Developer Mike Boudreaux would like to turn the land into a mixed use development with a condotel and residential housing. The marketing director of the Coast Coliseum and Convention Center likes that idea.

"It certainly would be easier to book conventions with as many rooms as possible to our facility. It just makes plain, common sense. Also, we have a serious lack of non casino properties, and because of this, we have lost many large conventions that do not have gaming propensity but still have viable economic impact on the community," she said.

But nearby residents have a very different opinion.

"This proposed condo development is sandwiched between two neighborhoods, and that is not the most appropriate location for it," one resident said.

"These applicants have asked for nearly everything under the sun, starting with the zoning change, a hospitality business zone, a PUD, a master plan, a conditional use, a condotel which will have bars and nightclubs, and variances, not just one but five variances," said another resident.

One man told the council he is concerned about the infrastructure the development would need. Mike Boudreaux believes the resident's concerns are unfounded.

"All of those concerns are addressed, and there's adequate supplies for water and sewer. The traffic analysis that we've looked at does not deem this to be anymore increase than what is going to be utilized over the next few years," he said.

The Council is set to vote on the matter at the next council meeting in two weeks.