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Naval Home Director Says Name Has Changed But Commitment to Residents the Same

The name may have changed, but the director of the Naval Home says the commitment to its residents hasn't. Congress recently passed a bill changing the facility's name to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport. Lawmakers also threw in about 22 million dollars to upgrade the home. Right now residents at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport have to stuff a lifetime of belongings into a 90 square foot room. The director says he thinks Congress finally realized they needed to do more for our nation's veterans.

"I think they realized that service to your country is important," said Captain John Zink."The fact that we have the two homes one here in Gulfport and one in Washington, D.C. In order for these homes to be relevant and available for future residents that we need to make them the very best that we can."

Zink and his staff look forward to opening a new chapter at the Retirement Home. They would like residents' living areas to have with twice the room a full bath and a lot more storage space.

"This first phase of the expansion will do nothing but enhance the available accommodations for the current residents and future residents," said Zink.

Convenience is an important factor in the renovation and expansion plan. Officials plan to build new apartments first. Current residents will stay there, while the old rooms are redone. Zink says more important than getting new residents is keeping the nearly 500 ones there now happy. He believes the way to do that is to give residents more choices.

Residents of the Armed Forces Retirement Home will see another change the cost of living has dropped. Congress cuts fees by five percent to 25 percent, depending on the kind of care a veteran needs.

by Danielle Thomas

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