Biloxi Farmers Market Opens for Spring

The Biloxi Farmer's Market opened its spring season Tuesday morning with quite a crowd. The market began its 32nd year with only about half its pre-Katrina vendors under the I-110 overpass. That's a temporary location. But it didn't seem to bother the customers.

Tomatoes, flowers, homemade syrups or breads. According to Biloxi resident Carolyn Marie, you name it, and chances are you'll find it at the Biloxi Farmer's Market.

She says, "I love the Farmer's Market. They have the best vegetables and I just love to come."

Carolyn came by to pick up some squash and snap beans. She is one of many who used to visit the market at its old location at Point Cadet Plaza. But since Hurricane Katrina claimed that site, vendors have been coming here, under the I-110 overpass off Howard Avenue.

Margaret David is a George County farmer who's been coming to the Biloxi Farmer's Market for years.

"Well, we're homesick for the old one, but so is everybody else, so it's fine. We're just so glad we've got a place to come," says David.

Assistant Director of Biloxi's Parks and Recreation Department, Cheryl Bell, is pleased with the new venue, for now.

She says, "It's a site, you know they have the cover, it's doing its job. People know where they're at. It's a good location being on Howard Avenue and they can get to it right off I-10."

Biloxi native Ruth Sanders is thrilled with the new venue.

"It's closer to my house, so I don't have to drive too far." Sanders says, "I could hardly wait to get here. You know to get some fresh vegetables and some fresh greens."

But Bell says they're still hoping to find a more permanent home for the popular market, and its dedicated vendors.

"I hope to eventually get them their own site with a pavilion cover to where we can help them when it rains, and the weather's pretty bad."

In the meantime, farmers and shoppers are content under the I-110 overpass.

The Biloxi Farmer's Market is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 am to 4pm. And they're always looking for vendors. Anyone interested can call Cheryl Bell at 228-435-6296.