No New Contract For Northrop Grumman Strikers

Striking workers prepared a new fire for night 26 on the picket line. Their hopes of a new contract went up in smoke when Monday's meeting brought no new contract.

"I think that's pretty typical the way the way the company's operated throughout the entire negotiations. It's supposed to be a bargaining, so far, all the company's done is told us what they're willing to give us, they've not bargained with us yet," Pipefitter union member Tom Boone says.

Union leaders met with company officials and a federal mediator today, and after a two hour break, were told to come back Tuesday morning to resume talks. Back at the picket line, some workers say it's time for a new deal.

" I think everybody's about ready to go back, they've had some time off, money's probably getting low, insurance has run out, so I'm sure everybody's ready to go back," Sheet Metal Union member Criss Tanner says.

But not all strikers seem so ready. They want to make sure a fair deal is on the table before voting in a new contract.

"I love this shipyard, but I don't appreciate the way Northrop Grumman's handled these negotiations," Boone says.

So another night without insurance, paychecks, or a contract will have workers anxiously awaiting Tuesday's meeting.

"I hope they get down to negotiating. Tomorrow would be a good time to start, it's been a month," Boone says.

That meeting with union leaders, Northrop Grumman officials, and the federal mediator will resume Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. WLOX News will bring you the latest developments throughout the day.