Police Investigating Murder In Gulfport

Police are investigating a murder that took place in Gulfport Sunday afternoon. Authorities say a 32-year-old woman was found dead at Sun Suites Inn, just west of Highway 49.

Police responded to the scene after getting a 911 call from the nearby Racetrac gas station. That's where they found a man with an apparent gunshot wound to his hand.

Authorities say they followed a bloody trail from the gas station to Sun Suites Inn where they found the body of the woman.

Witnesses who were near the scene say there was a lot of commotion before the police arrived.

"When we were facing this way, and we heard the gunshots, I immediately, me and my friend, turned around and said, what was that? And when I looked up at the Sun Suites, and I saw the black guy run out, I heard him say, 'don't leave me.' Now who he was talking to, I don't know," said Jonathan Stewart.

"Dude ran into the store, and he was bleeding all over the place. He was bleeding from his right eye, and bleeding down his whole left side, and we just asked him to leave the store. Next thing we know, I called the police and told them he was acting crazy, because he was trying to jump in people's cars, and came back in the store, telling us to give him money, and we were telling him, me and the customers were telling him to get out of the store," said Terrence Collins, an employee at Racetrac.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Authorities are not releasing the name of the woman who died until her family is notified.

Harrison County coroner Gary Hargrove says an autopsy will be done tomorrow.

As 10 pm Sunday night, no charges have been filed.