Gulfport Mayor Announces The Creation Of New Fishing Reefs

Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr has fond memories of the Mississippi sound.

"My Grandfather took me fishing out here when I was a little boy," says Warr.

He hopes his kids will one day remember a similar experience's from their childhood thanks to a new project underway.

"The Department of Marine Resources is going to build for us 11 fishing reefs between the Gulfport line and the Long Beach line along the beach front in Gulfport."

You won't see the reefs which will remain below the waterline, and South Mississippians won't miss the raw material they're using to build them.

"There's so much concrete," says Warr. "We're just building mountains out of these landfills which is necessary but this gives us a way to use some of it for some positive good. It'll be long lasting."

Warr says the reefs will be easy to access.

"We've even got them easily situated where there's parking nearby and they're at a distance where you can even wade out to them, and still be able to fish without being in too deep water, or get in a small boat. Not everybody has a 50 thousand dollar boat where they can go way out."

It's not costing the city a dime of tax dollars or revenue. Yet another thing Warr says his grandfather would appreciate about the fishing reefs and he hopes others will too.

"He wouldn't have been able to go way out because his health wouldn't allow and there are probably a lot of people in that same situation. You know the sportsmen and the people who enjoy fishing here, we've got to make sure that we create a real quality of life in this city for all of us."