Mule Pull Drags In Fun For Vancleave Festival

Bobby Duncan's proud of his grand champion mules, and it's easy to see why.

"I love my mules and I love pullin em," Duncan says.

And visitors watched closely, because the event was probably the only time this year they'll see a mule pull.

"There's not many mule pulls in the area anymore, in fact I think we're the only one on the coast," organizer Denise Sonnenberg says.

Which explains why hundreds filled the stands for the 6th Annual Vancleave Old Time Festival and Mule Pull.

"Each team has got 3 tries to hook and 3 times to pull," the announcer said over the loudspeaker.

Mules pull 12 feet the first go round, and cranes add 500 pound weights to the sled, one block at a time. But that's nothing compared to what some mules are capable of.

"They'll pull about 6,000 pounds," Duncan says.

"For those little mules it's a lot of weight. What's amazing to me is the small mules pull the most weight. They get down in the dirt and they pull," says Festival Organizer Denise Sonnenberg.

Hundreds of kids were also getting down in the dirt, scrambling like cattle for Easter eggs and cash prizes. From petting zoos to painting faces, organizers say this is the most kid-friendly party on the coast.

"I've been to other festivals, but this one is more family oriented," Sonnenberg says.

And since mule pulling is a family affair for Duncan, you can rest assured that he and his mules will be back for more next year.

"Somebody that's not here don't know what they're missin. I just really enjoy stuff like this," Duncan says.

Prizes for the mull pull were given to the top 4 finishers. The top prize was $150.