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Battle Of The Bands Has No Clear Winner

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day is about celebrating his dream for equality and peace, but in Biloxi it's also about a battle. On Monday two college bands and one local high school band went head to head for bragging rights at the annual Battle of the Bands. The crowd at Yankie Stadium had differing opinions on who'd they crown champion. Some people say they cast their ballots for the Braves of Alcorn State.

Rodney Strickland said "I think Alcorn because they were together. I like their uniforms and everything, and they played our favorite songs."

"Alcorn, because their my favorite band," said Al Hampton.

Some people aren't ready hand Alcorn the title of champion. They say it was Mississippi Valley that made them feel like dancing. Nicole Varnado's cousin is a student at Alcorn, but she says that band wasn't the best.

"I think Valley won," said Varnado."They played a lot of familiar songs and the audience seemed to really get into it."

It may have been the smallest band there but Moss Point made a big impression on the crowd. Fans say the Tigers held their own when it came to representing the coast.

"Moss Point," said Eloise Williams. "I think Moss Point had it all today."

Sharon Nettles said "I think Valley State did real good but I've got to give it to my home town M.P., Moss Point."

Apparently determining the winner of this competition depends on who you ask. Biloxi police estimate that about 3,000 people came out to watch the Dr. Martin Luther King Junior Day program.

by Danielle Thomas

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