Grieving Mother Warns Of ATV Danger After Son's Death

Christopher Evan Boyd Peterman was a young man who knew how to make people smile.

"He was funny," says Christoper's mother Ceil Boyd. "He was funny. He was just so full of life."

Boyd says, like most 18-year-olds, her son always had fun in the present and grand plans for the future.

"He talked about going in the Coast Guard so he could be near the water. He loved water. He talked about going to college. He loved Mississippi State."

But it was another love, the love of riding 4-wheelers with his friends in a rural south Mississippi neighborhood that cost Christopher Peterman his life.

"He had so much confidence that he probably thought that would be the coolest jump, you know, and he would be perfectly fine."

Instead, the ATV went airborne, throwing Christopher and his passenger. The ATV landed on top of Christopher.

"It was instant," says Boyd of her son's death. "I thank God for that."

Christopher wasn't wearing a helmet and died of massive head injuries.  As difficult as it is to talk about it just two days after burying her son, Ceil Boyd says she has to, for the sake of others.

"There's just too many unnecessary deaths and it shouldn't be that way. Wear a helmet. Wear your safety gear."

Ceil doesn't want people to park their ATVs. In fact, she expects kids will be right back riding that same trail where her son died. She just hopes they'll remember her words of warning and stay safe for Christopher's sake.

"He was out there riding and he goes, 'You know, my life is almost perfect.' He told one of his best friends, 'I suppose it's perfect now.'"

The passenger riding with Christopher was not seriously injured. Ceil added that another danger is people riding with one or more passengers.