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Community Bands Together To Build Center

City governments usually pay for community centers. But not in the Turkey Creek area. It wasn't necessary. Neighbors did it themselves with a little help from their friends.

"We had actually seven different groups that worked together to put this together and made it a reality," leisure services director George Decoux said. "I've been in this kind of business for 30 years and never have I seen this kind of working together to get a job done."

Local home owners and civic groups rallied the help of county supervisors to allocate money. Mayors and the leisure department supported the project, but the people made it happen.

Mount Zion Church leased the property to the city for no charge. But the land needed to be filled. So Robert Parker did that for free. It cost his business $300,000, and it took him four years to make the land ready for construction.

"We had waste material, pick up material, we didn't need, brought it here and dropped it off," Parker said. "I just got used to doing it, so I kept doing it."

The new Turkey Creek Community center is on Rippy Road in Gulfport.

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