Rain Makes For Soggy Start To Mardi Gras 2002

Beads and Moon Pies were not the only things falling on crowds at Saturday's Elk's Lodge parade in Ocean Springs. Plenty of rain drops fell as well. But no one seemed to mind.

"It didn't damper anybody's spirit," Gulfport resident Zindy Barrett said. "Everybody was out there with umbrellas. In fact, I think they enjoyed it."

Some people say it's the impressive loot they take home that brings them back year after year. Also, because the Ocean Springs parade is usually held early in the Mardi Gras season, it tends to set the mood for the rest of the events.

"[It} gets everyone in the mood for Mardi Gras and gets you in a more festive atmosphere with all the colors and the floats and everything," Ocean Springs resident Sharon Barnes said.

But is it too early to get into the swing of the season? Some people say no.

"It is a little early this year, but I think you can tell by the crowd that's here that people are still involved, and they're going to come out to see the parades," Ocean Springs resident Christi Jones said.

By Danielle Thomas