Residents Present Petition To Change Ocean Springs' Waterview Ordinance

If the results of a recent survey is any indication, a lot of Ocean Springs residents don't want to see any tall buildings on their beachfront. Last month, the city surveyed citizens to get their input on how the waterfront should be developed.

At a meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Connie Moran revealed the results of that survey. The vast majority say they don't want any building higher than three or four stories on the waterfront.

Ocean Springs resident Eric Zala did his own survey.

"We present petitions that request the city return to the original 1995 Waterview Ordinance. These petitions have the signatures of 600 Ocean Springs citizens," Zala said, holding up a stack of petitions.

That 1995 ordinance does not allow any buildings to be over four stories tall.

Nearly everyone at the meeting stood to indicate their agreement with Zala's petition.