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Hundreds Of Teens Gather To Worship God

Hundreds of teenagers are lifting their voices in praise and worship this weekend. First Baptist Church of Biloxi opened its doors to about 300 teens during an annual youth ministry called Disciple Now. The event includes music, bible study and games that organizers hope will encourage the children to lead Christian lives.

Organizers say influences like television and music make reinforcing their message difficult but not impossible.

"One of our most important things to me is to challenge the students to spend a few minutes each morning studying God's word and a few minutes in prayer," youth minister Ashley Austin said. "I think when they get that in their mind and they start absorbing that, I think that helps them out a lot."

This year's theme is "The Game." Youth ministers say they are trying to teach the teens that life is not a game but about doing the will of God.

By Danielle Thomas

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