Storm Restoration Begins At Historic Biloxi Cemetery

It is normally a silent, solemn place.

But for the next few weeks, determined workers will be busy returning dignity to the sacred place.

"The first phase of the project is going to be re-leveling all the stones and getting them back in their original location," said Don Reynolds of Reynolds Monument Company.

A Greenwood, Mississippi contractor will oversee the $300,000 project.

"We've done a lot of historical renovations that we have experience in. That's the reason we were interested in this project and bid on it. So we're just now getting started today," said Kenneth Thompson.

Repairing the stones helps secure a foundation of city history.

"There's some graves out here that's dated into the 1700's. In fact, I think the first mayor of Biloxi is buried right behind us," said Reynolds.

The repair project involves much more than just resetting a few misplaced head stones. Restoring a badly damaged family crypt will take several days of work.

Granite and marble markers can be repaired and replaced. What the stones signify to a community is what's most important.

"History is something that we can't go back and do. It was something done before we got here. So anything that we can do to preserve it helps future generations to have something to know about us," said Thompson.

Future generations will know the history; those with loved ones buried here will appreciate the attention given this task.

"And their grandmothers are buried here or their sisters there. So, this means a lot to a lot of people here," Thompson said.