Be Prepared For Severe Weather All Year Long

The deadly tornado that struck Enterprise, Alabama recently reminded us that hurricane season isn't the only time when mother nature's fury can threaten lives. There are two things you should do to prepare for severe weather.

First, invest in a NOAA Weather radio for your home and office. The newer models will allow you to pick the county you want to receive warnings for thus only sounding when the threat is near.

Second, make sure you have a plan on where to go in your home or office in case there is a severe storm approaching. For most buildings an interior room without windows is usually considered the best place to seek shelter.

If you live in a FEMA trailer you need to find more substantial shelter during a severe storm. Now is the time to come up with this plan instead of waiting until a storm is approaching.

Finally, stay tuned to WLOX and We will alert you to any warnings for our area and our team of meteorologist is here to provide coverage of storms as they move thorough our area.

Having the right equipment and knowing what to do in an emergency could save you and your loved ones lives if you are ever faced with an emergency.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV Station Manager