Tulane Gets Green Light To Teach On The Coast

"I think it's a good day, that we've expanded our higher education opportunities," said Dr. Bill McHenry with the Mississippi Commission for College Accreditation.

It took almost no time for the commission to approve Tulane University's request to offer college courses in Mississippi.

"They've done all of their homework," University of Southern Mississippi Provost Dr. Anselm Griffin said. "They made a good presentation and there would be no grounds to prohibit their presentation."

Members of the accreditation commission see Tulane not as competition for students, but another choice along with Mississippi's eight publicly funded colleges and universities.

"We still certainly hope the residents of Mississippi will take a look at the Southern Miss offerings on the Coast," Dr. Griffin said.

None of the state's universities offer a four year degree program on the coast. Tulane will.

"In two to three years, they're projecting 1,000 students," Dr. McHenry said. "I'm certain if there are 700 or more, they'll look to expand."

Tulane isn't the only out of state school with an eye on Mississippi.

"We have universities like the University of South Carolina that are interested in bringing in the courses. The University of Phoenix has contacted the office about bringing in courses to the state," Dr. McHenry said.

The first classes at Tulane on the Coast should begin in the fall in Biloxi's Edgewater Mall.