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Moss Point Police Find Meth Lab At Illegal Dumpsite

"This is unacceptable absolutely unacceptable," Moss Point Chief Demtrius Drakeford said as he roamed the through the filth on Franklin Creek Road.

Drakeford said he could not believe his eyes.

"It is an eyesore. Bed mattresses, boats, everything that no one would want to look at if they rolled back here going to their residence," Drakeford said.

But the trash wasn't the most shocking find. Inside an abandoned boat, officers found a Meth Lab.

"The boat has an identification number. So we are collecting that, as well as evidence, and that should be attached to who the owner is. And whoever the owner is, he or she has some explaining to do."

Jackson County Narcotics Task Force says Meth labs and litter have become a powerful combination on the coast.

"You see this all the time," one Narcotics Task Force officer told WLOX.

Chief Drakeford says he won't tolerate leftover drugs or trash in Moss Point. That's why he's working to get hidden video cameras to catch litter bugs and other law breakers on tape.

"I signed an arrangement with ROCIC this morning so we can have video equipment in on a loaner. In addition to that, we're going to find some money to have post cameras hidden so we can zero in on offenders," Drakeford said.

The chief says a photo or a tag number will lead to arresting those responsible. And that will go a long way towards literally and figuratively cleaning up the streets of Moss Point.

Chief Drakeford says it's unusual to find a Meth Lab at an illegal dump site. 

The chief is encouraging the community to help clean up Moss Point and take part in the citywide clean up on Saturday. For more information on that event, call Kim Brooks at (228) 474-1367.

By Patrice Clark

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