Smokin' The Sound Hits The Water Off The Coast For A Test Run

High-speed boat racers geared up for tomorrow's big battle as they hit the water for a little test run.

"We do a lot of trash talking, so we got to back it up.  We've got to bring on our A-game that's for sure," says Randy Schleuss, racer.

Randy Schleuss and Jim Natori are teammates racing a super-vee lite boat.

Natori is behind the wheel while Schleuss works the throttle, similar to the accelerator in a car.

"It's like having your wife drive your car while you're stepping on the gas.  You can imagine that you have to have some continuity together to get around the course as fast as possible," says Schleuss.

And there's one thing Schleuss says he and Natori are looking forward to most.

"Winning. I'm really looking forward to winning and getting that nice big fat check," says Schleuss.

The team's big payoff could be as much as $3,000 dollars.  About 25 teams in 7 different boats classes are competing for a total of 50 thousand dollars.  But for Natori and Schleuss, it's not so much about the money but about the fans.

"To have someone run up in the rest stop and say can I have your autograph is a different kind of rush. They come up with some really neat ideas.  We get to spend time with them and educate them a little bit," says Natori.

At the same time, the racers are helping to pour money back into a community trying to bounce back after Hurricane Katrina.

"Any community that invites us we try to invest back in that community, we want them to feel like we're giving to them," says Misty Valesquez.

"We love being down here in Biloxi.  I know every single racer wanted to come back here. Every single racer loves coming down here," says Schleuss.

The big races get underway tomorrow.  Race times are set for 12:00, 2:00 p.m and 4:00 p.m.

You can watch them from several locations including the Beau Rivage, Schooner Pier, and Isle of Capri.

Wristbands for the event are 10 dollars.  There will also be an awards ceremony tomorrow night starting at 7p.m.