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It's Smooth Sailing For A South Mississippi Team

Mississippi's only high school sailing team was back on the waters. Hurricane Katrina destroyed the sailboats of St. Stanislaus College.

But after a long year of rebuilding and repairing, the boys are back in action. It's smooth sailing for this South Mississippi team.  

With gear intact and their sails flying high, the young men of St. Stanislaus says there is no way Hurricane Katrina could stop them from doing what they love.

"It held us back for awhile because for awhile we didn't have any boats. But luckily we found them in the forest behind where we were keeping them, so we dug them out of a foot of mud and cleaned them up," says Justin Veazey, the team captain.

Now that the boys have more boats than they started with, the team of 20 is prepared to take on the seas.

"One of the kids said, I set my alarm clock. I set my cell phone, I set my watch. I had somebody else call me, so that I could get down here early so that I could get things set up," says Coach Dan Zwerg.

Sheer determination is what inspired Coach Dan Zwerg to organize the "Come Back Regatta". 

The boys sailed off from the Bay-Waveland Yacht Club. While the event was just a friendly competition among peers, these boys are ready for any team that comes their way.

"We've got some good kids on our team and hopefully we are gonna shake off the big boys," says Veazey.

All proceeds from the event will go towards the sailing team.

by Elise Roberts

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