New Businesses Anticipate Bigger, Better Cowan Road

When Hancock Bank opened its new branch office on Cowan Road last Monday, it was to give its customers better service, and to take advantage of better access that a wider Cowan Road will eventually bring.

"It was a major part of the decision. We're always looking for good locations to locate our branches in and we felt Cowan Road was a place to be with the growin' area both residential and commercial and with the widenin' of the road we thought it was a perfect opportunity to better serve our customer base in this area," Central Division Manager Keith Williams said.

Guy Billups thought so too. That's why he put his dry cleaning business right along the route of one of the Coast's busiest roads.

"We think people are avoiding the area because of the construction although we've made it easy to come in and out of the businesses here. We think once the road's finished, it'll be easier access," Billups said.

Easier access is what the workers and customers at School and Carnival Supply look forward to too. The store manager of the long time business says the on-going road work isn't as bad as they first thought.

"We've been needing this for quite awhile. Once the road is actually completed, whenever that will be, there'll definitely be a lot more traffic coming through. Once the road is finished we're be down to lanes of parking but it'll be a dramatic improvement because of the traffic flow that will be passing by," store manager Dionne King said.

All the Cowan Road merchants say more traffic means more customers, making all the construction worthwhile.