Jackson County Homeowners Must File Homestead By March 30

Jackson County homeowners have until Friday, March 30 to file or update their Homestead Exemption with the County's Assessors Office. Homestead is a state tax break that could save homeowners up to 40 percent on their property taxes.

"We are less than two weeks away from the deadline," Benny Goff, Jackson County's Assessor said. "I want to encourage residents not to wait and make time to update or file this major tax exemption."

Any resident who purchased a new home, as their primary dwelling in 2006, should file a new Homestead Exemption form to qualify for the tax break. An update is needed for any home that had changes in ownership in 2006 including: death, divorce, separations, marriage, a new deed, and description changes to property.

Goff reminds residents who are filing for the first time to bring several pieces of important information including: recorded copy of the warranty deed, current car tag, social security numbers, date of birth record, purchase price of home/land, mobile home registration.

Residents with disabilities are encouraged to inquire about more details.

All damaged and destroyed homes from Hurricane Katrina, even if owners can't live in them currently, still automatically maintain its previously filed HS Exemption until Dec. 31, 2007. Owners should update their HS Exemption when the home is completely rebuilt.

Property owners who have moved and bought a new home in another county or have new car tags from another county will not be eligible for HS Exemption in Jackson County.

Jackson County residents have two locations to file or update: the Fairgrounds (Short Cut Road in Pascagoula) in Modular Building #5 or the County's Ocean Springs Office (North Washington Ave).

For more information, call the Fairgrounds Office at (228) 769-3070 or the Ocean Springs Office at 228-875-3367.