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Coast Students Talk To Astronaut On International Space Station

Thirteen excited students had ten minutes to chat live with International Space Station Crew member Carl Walz. One by one they fired off questions, curious about life in space.

It was a history-making event for St. Clare. It became the first catholic school in the State to interact with an International Space Station crew member via a ham radio link.

"We just got to talk to astronauts and that's just, you can't just walk up to a microphone and talk to an astronaut everyday," 5th grader Cady Reinhart said. "It's like, a once in a life time chance."

"I'm probably going to remember this forever, because you can use just a simple little telephone to communicate over a ham radio and talk to someone out of the atmosphere," student John Smuck said. "I thought that was kind of amazing."

The amazing hook up came with the help of the American Radio Relay League.

"We hope that it inspires students to go on to technically related careers, space, science, math, that kind of thing," league member Randy Becnel said.

The students are already on their way to achieving that goal. They spent several weeks learning about space and preparing the questions they would send 240 miles above the earth.

"I was happy with the answer they said," 5th grader Solomon Twiggs said. "They took pictures, some photographs, things that reminded them of their family and friends things that made them happy."

Arranging this type event doesn't happen over night. St. Clare officials submitted its application to the American Radio Relay League five years ago.

By Al Showers

Online Producer Glenn Cummins

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