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Program Teaches Students Morals, Values And Character

Students from 13 schools in Harrison County are learning about values. As they move through each booth of "Character Sensations," they learn a moral lesson by listening to classic stories from the Book of Virtues. They also play familiar games, like Go-Fish, that reinforce each virtue.

Gulfport Junior Auxiliary Chairperson Tess Rodriguez says the purpose is to emphasize the importance of good character virtues like courage, respect, responsibility. Third grader Anna Hausen says she is learning about giving, honesty and being nice to other people.

In the last booth, Compassion, the students get a dose of reality. This is where they hear personal stories from people who can't hear, talk or walk.

Mary Strickland lost her left leg in a motorcycle accident. She was only a teenager then. Strickland tells the kids she does have an impairment. She can't walk as fast and she can't run anymore.

Chelsey McClain says she used to feel sorry for people with disabilities. Now that she knows more about them and what they can do, she realizes they are normal people, except they just have something wrong with them.

Program organizers say these are lessons some students may not be getting in the classroom. Tess Rodriguez says she just hopes the children get a better understanding of how important it is to have good morals, good character and to gain insight into people that might be a little less fortunate then themselves.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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