Northrop Grumman Union Leaders Prepare To Meet Wednesday With A Federal Mediator

Monday morning, union leaders from all 15 unions at Pascagoula's Northrop Grumman shipyard will sit down to determine exactly what their members want. Leaders anticipate that each union will have slightly different wants and needs, but their top three priorities are higher wages, lower healthcare, and expanding coverage to include dental and vision.  Mike Crowley, president of the Pascagoula Metal Trades Council, says union leaders will go through survey results that detail exactly what each union member wants to see in a new contract.

Joe Richardson with the Carpenter Union says his members want a "2-1-1," which is  a 2 dollar raise the first year, and 1 dollar raise the following two years. He also says his workers are demanding better treatment from the company. Richardson wants his workers to get back to work as soon as possible, but not until his members feel they have a fair deal.

Bill Glenn from Northrop Grumman confirms to WLOX that union leaders and company officials will meet with a federal mediator on Wednesday. He says "I think all sides are ready for this to end, and both sides are now taking the necessary steps to reach that goal."