A Family's Wait Will Soon Be Over As Habitat Hands Over Their New Home

The wait for a new Habitat home lasted nearly two years for one Gulfport family.

"We've been waiting since May 2005. It's been a long time coming but it's finally here," says Kenya Casey.

For Casey's four children,  their new house brings with it some exciting new experiences.

"I like the new house, because I have my own room and I ain't never had my own room," says Rodgick Casey, son.

"This is truly a blessing and I'm so grateful for Habitat for Humanity," says Casey.

But the blessing of a new home was put on hold after Katrina roared through and took everything the Casey's owned.

"They're cramped up in a FEMA trailer right now. They've been waiting since before the storm. To see them finally, I mean I think you've been in there gorgeous house and big yard in the back," says Erica Higgs, Habitat for Humanity.

"We're getting ready to move in this new house. It's big on the inside. If you want to spend night you can come over because you gonna really like this out. I'm pretty ready to move into the house," says Rodgick Casey.

"I'm really glad they do have their own space that means I have my own space. Their older andthey have totally different personalities, so I'm glad their going to be in their own space," says Casey.

Making more space for her own family wasn't Kenya's only focus during the nearly two year building period.

"Kenya invested 100 of hours in sweat equity in other people homes and in other volunteer work throughout the community even before hers got started," says Biggs.

Now that the house is finished, Casey says by staying patient and keeping the faith she and her family are reaping the sweet rewards of a new home.

The official move in date is scheduled for sometime around April 1st.  They have to wait to get the electricity turned on. As for the builders on Casey's home, they were all women through a Habitat for Humanity program called Women's Build.