Afghan National Army Leaders Visit Keesler Air Force Base

Major General Mehrab Ali is the Chief of Communications for the General Staff at the Ministry of Defense in Kabul. This week, he's been touring Keesler Airforce Base, in an effort to gather information to build up the Afghan National Army's communications training program. The Major General expressed his enthusiasm over his visit to the base at a press conference.

"We are really excited that we saw your facilities, because those are at high levels we don't have, and we learned a lot from here," he says.

Keesler airmen and women shared some of the cutting edge communications technology used at the base. Flanked by fellow officers, the Major General was briefed on things such as putting up a communications tower. He was also guided on a tour of one of the base's dormitories.

"When we go back, all of those things we saw here, we will bring back to Afghanistan," he says.

Keesler officers say that will help America in return.

"They're our allies. They help us as much as we help them, and the more we can teach them in developing their own personnel, in the long run that will benefit us," saysMaj. Terri Raines of the United States Air Force.