Edwards Family Holds Reunion Home Build

Edwards' boys from across the country are building a house on Second Street in Gulfport this weekend.

"It's going to have a roof on it before Sunday," said an excited Joanne Edwards, the home owner.

It isn't just any house. Katrina destroyed a home that's been a favorite family gathering place for generations.

"We are excited to be down here on Second Street, a place that we have all grown up coming down to," said Chris Edwards, who made the trek from Tennessee, "So, we have family from all around the country that's here. I have three brothers here and we have a cousin here. So, yeah, we're excited."

The home belongs to a woman who taught choir at Long Beach High for 26 years. Her big smile illuminated the construction site.

The sounds of construction are sweet music indeed to Joanne Edwards.

"What I see here is something I've been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for. And it's home. It's coming home to Second Street," she said, smiling.

It holds the promise of future family reunions. Grand kids can experience those special times together.

"We have eight under the age of ten. And they can hardly wait to swing on the front porch," said Grandma Edwards.

Todd Edwards is construction foreman. He's a builder by trade. But this isn't an ordinary project.

"You know, it's all my mom's grand kids getting back together, two of those kids are mine. And they want to know, when are we going back to Nana's house?"

"This is just the Edwards home. And I can hardly wait for it to become whole again," said Joanne.

A big chunk of the rebuilding should be finished by the time this reunion-work-party-weekend wraps up.

"Every sign you see, "Coming Back to Second Street", does not mean any more to anyone else today than it does to me," said the happy home owner.

It wasn't just relatives helping build the Edwards home on Friday. They also got a hand from some of Joanne Edwards' former choir parents.

Visiting volunteers from a college football team in Maine also helped out on the project.