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College Board Change On The Way?

The first of two Senate committees has approved a proposed constitutional amendment to change the districts from which College Board members are selected. Approval by the Senate Universities and Colleges Committee on Tuesday paves the way for acceptance of the proposal in the Senate Constitution Committee on Wednesday. Any constitutional change would have to be approved first by lawmakers and second by voters.

Under the plan established more than half a century ago, seven College Board members are appointed from the seven congressional districts in effect in 1944, one from each of the three Supreme Court districts and two at-large from anywhere in the state. Under the proposed change, College Board members would come from the four new congressional districts, three from each. The committee handily rejected attempts to require all eight public universities to have graduates on the board.

USM supporters were stung last summer when President Horace Fleming was offered a one-year contract extension instead of the standard four-year renewal. Fleming turned down the offer. Harden, a Jackson State University graduate who is working on a doctorate at USM, said she also sought fairness. ``We have depended on governor after governor to appoint people representative of all universities and it never happens,'' Harden said.

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