Tough Questions At Orange Grove Meeting

The battle over the Go Zone continues.

People who live near Depew Road and Dedeaux Road in Gulfport were just some of those who had a lot to say about subsidized housing plans.  People in the community came together for a special meeting Tuesday night called by city councilwoman Barbara Nalley.

"What is going to happen? Are they going to raise our taxes again for the schools?"

Those were just some of the questions people have about subsidized housing plans for the city of Gulfport. There were too many questions to answer at the special meeting.

Dozens of concerned citizens were on hand to voice their concerns about proposed development that's a part of Go Zone. City Councilwoman Barbara Nalley is not happy about some of the developments.

"We want Smart Code, we want smart growth. Are we getting that? No, we are not," says Nalley.

Nalley says there are 1,071 housing units already approved. While plans are in the works to solve the Gulfport housing problem, she says it will only create more trouble for the city.

"Is it appropriate for your neighborhood? Have the drainage issues been addressed? Have the traffic questions been addressed?  We need to be very vocal about what we want to see and what we don't want to see," says Nalley.

People at the meeting wanted to know where was the mayor. WLOX called Mayor Brent Warr. He said that he wasn't invited to the meeting. The mayor also called the meeting quote "inappropriate" and "illegal."  That's because there were more than four council members there and by law, Mayor Warr says, they have to call the meeting to order.

As far as the plans for subsidized housing, the mayor says he has spoke with Homecore, which is the agency that is governing this plan. He says he told them that he will not rebuild on a plan that is not totally thought out.