West Virginia Volunteers Build New House In Six Days

Building a house in a week is a big task, but some West Virginia volunteers say they have faith it can be done.

The workers have teamed up with Convoy of Hope to rebuild a storm damaged house from the ground up for a needy Pascagoula family. And the pressure is on to complete the Catalpa Street home before Saturday.

That's moving day for Michael Moore, Junior and the rest of his family.

"This is nothing but a blessing," Moore said. "Every time it rained, my mom would put out a pot to catch the water leaking out of the ceiling."

When the volunteers heard about the Moore Family's situation, they decided to step in to help.

"The head of the team was a general contractor, and he said, 'What if I decided to design this house myself and come back and build it in five days?' I said, 'Sure,' thinking he was just joking, but he was not," Convoy of Hope volunteer Susan Scales said.

In just three days, the house has already taken shape. Joe West from West Virginia is the construction manager on the job.

"Since Sunday morning, the walls has gone up, the roof, the shingles, the electric, and the volunteers are getting ready to hang dry wall as we speak," West said.

But these volunteers say it takes more than lumber, nails, and hurricane straps to make a house strong. They say it also takes God. As symbol of God's love and protection, they've written Bible scriptures throughout the structure. And they say they're praying for strength to carry out this mission.

"We can do it, we can do it," West said.

Volunteers say they are running low on supplies and materials. Anyone who wants to help with a donation may call Susan Scales at 812-219-5738.