UT Students On A Mission To Sing And Serve

It's a tour about singing and service. The University of Tennessee gospel choir came to the coast during their spring break to help rebuild. However, once the tools are placed aside, this choir uses its voice to rebuild spirits.

The 40 students from the University of Tennessee started their day Monday by cleaning up several sites in South Mississippi. That's because volunteering is a vital part of this tour.

"One of the things they talked about was giving back. They talked about the devastation from Katrina and from Rita and that's really how things started. They wanted to do something, not only to tour, but to make sure that what they were doing was meaningful," says choir advisor Joycelyn Milton.

Milton says the groups willingness to help is all a part of the Lord's work. She says even though it took them a while to get here, the people of Mississippi were always on their hearts and minds.

"It's just like being sick too long. People forget and we wanted people here to know we haven't forgotten," says Milton.

The group will travel to cities throughout the southeast spreading love through work and song.

People who live along the coast say they are proud the students decided to start in South Mississippi.

"They could have passed us on by and not even volunteered to do anything but it is so wonderful to have these children," says Claudette Woulard.

"It is a struggle each and every day and it's amazing just the thought of people wanting to come out. There was no way I could stay home and not come by and I'm so happy that I did," says Lisa Lattimore.

This is the first time the students have been able to tour in seven years. The next stop on the tour is Huntsville, Alabama.