Grant Money Available For Low-Income Jackson County Residents

Low income families in Jackson County will receive some much needed help repairing their storm damaged homes. More than $1 million in federal block grant money has been awarded to the State Department of Human Services and the Jackson County Civic Action Committee to fund post-Katrina relief efforts.

Katrina's wind and water left some damaging marks on Shirley Doby's home in Moss Point.

"The roof was damaged, the rain was coming in and it really messed up the room," Doby said. "It soaked the floor."

Doby, who had no insurance and now lives off a small disability check, was able to get a federal grant in Harrison County to help her fix those damages.

"I am very appreciative."

Now Jackson County has a grant of its own. The state is giving $1. 2 million to help residents like Doby whose homes are still in shambles 18 months after Katrina.

"So many people have fallen through the cracks. It is easy for that to happen, but hopefully though this process it will help," Jackson County Civic Action Committee Director Diann Payne said.

Payne's committee will manage the money. She said the program will target low income and elderly households.

"The big thing is the income guidelines. If you are over 200 hundred percent of the federal poverty guidelines, you are not going to qualify for these funds."

Once families qualify for the money, each household could receive up to $10,000 for new appliances and basic home repairs.

"We will have a construction coordinator and construction manager, and they will go out and do the assessment and consult us on best approach to assist that home," Payne said.

If you would like to apply for this block grant, call the Jackson County Civic Action Committee at (228) 769-3292, Extension 144 or Extension 105.