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Charity Has Volunteers, Needs People To Help

Spring Break has given God's Katrina Kitchen plenty of helping hands, but not enough people needing help. The charity is looking for people living in Gulfport, Long Beach, and Pass Christian who need minor repairs to their homes, or the kind that could be done by unskilled labor.

God's Katrina Kitchen expects to have about 200 Spring Breakers on the coast each week for the next month. No one wants any of the volunteer help to go to waste.

Students from several Texas universities say there's nowhere they'd rather be than in Mississippi helping hurricane victims.

"It's just great to be able to help people get back on their feet, even if its something little like cleaning off a porch or painting the outside of their house," said volunteer Kevin McPherson. "It just gives them so much hope."

The college students are spreading that hope along 41st Avenue in Gulfport, by working on several houses that need some type of repair. God's Katrina Kitchen says what the students lack in skills, they make up for in their eagerness to learn.

Supervisor Nashua Chantal said, "Some of these kids have never had a brush or a scraper in their hand before. They want to know how to do it to bless the people in the neighborhood. "

"This is how we get involved in our communities," said Chantal. "We teach the young people how to work. If there is ever another disaster, then they can teach other young people as well. We're going to do it together."

After hearing so much about what Katrina tore down, the college students say they're grateful for the opportunity to help make things right.

"Just the excitement of being able to put what they've seen on TV and actually see it for themselves and go out and do something about it," said McPherson. "A lot of people are all talk. They're like, 'Man, we should go do something' or 'That's really sad what happened.'"

People who live in Gulfport, Long Beach or Pass Christian and need volunteer help can go to God's Katrina Kitchen on Camp Avenue in Gulfport. The sign up is Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

by Danielle Thomas

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