Gulfport Councilwoman Concerned About Affordable Housing Developments Springing Up

Gulfport Councilwoman Barbara Nalley says the GO Zone tax credits have developers gobbling up property all over the city to build affordable housing units. A 17-acre piece of property on De Pew Road is one parcel of land developers are hoping to build on and receive tax credits for, but Councilwoman Nalley is concerned about how an apartment complex would affect the single family residences that surround the property.

"There's little regard for what neighborhood they're putting it in. There's not been a study for how traffic would be affected. You would be putting approximately 300 to 500 additional cars on this tiny road every day with the area behind me being the only ingress and egress for this anywhere between 225 and 300 apartment units," Nalley says.

To get the tax credits under the GO Zone, developers must have their plans approved by the Mississippi Home Corps. From January 1 of 2006 to February 15  2007, the Home Corps has approved 1,071 affordable housing units in Gulfport. That's compared to 34 units that have been approved in Biloxi, and 255 in D'Iberville.

"Would we be providing affordable housing for citizens from Pascagoula to New Orleans because we have the most of these developments? To me, that is not something that we should be doing," Nalley says.

Nalley says she wants to make sure residents are aware of these developments before ground is broken and will share her ideas for better educating residents about these developments at a meeting on Tuesday. The meeting on tax credit development will be held at St. Joseph Catholic church on Depew Road on Tuesday. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. All citizens of Gulfport are invited to attend.