Convoy of Hope Builds Pascagoula Home In Five Days

At 11 a.m. the first wall of Mike and Faye Moore's new home went up. In just 5 days, the home will be complete.

"God just told us, these people need help," Convoy of Hope coordinator Susan Scales says.

When Scales met the Moore family a year ago, she thought Katrina was the biggest obstacle that the family would face, until Mike Sr.'s health took a turn for the worse.

"My dad is very sick, he just had his leg cut off," son Mike Moore, Jr. says.

An infection caused Mike Sr. to loose his leg. It's been an emotional time for the family, but this latest challenge has given Mike Jr. even more of a reason to rebuild his parent's home.

The Convoy of Hope team from West Virginia is working around the clock to lift the Moore's up both physically and emotionally.

"Your home is where you raise your kids, you watch them grow up, and they lost all that with Katrina. For us to come down and give them a new beginning, it's just a wonderful thing," West Virginia contractor and Convoy of Hope volunteer Joe West says.

"When you get a chance to give somebody their life back, then there's no way to put that into words," Scales says.

With the stress and medical bills the Moore family is facing, a brand new home will be an incredible relief.

"Right now what my parents are going through, it means a lot to them right now, it means a lot to them," Mike Jr. says.

Scales knows the moment she sees the completed home and the smiles on the Moores' faces will be one she'll never forget.

"That will be, at that point, probably the pinnacle of my life," Scales says.

Volunteers will continue to work on the home 24 hours a day. During the build, the Moore family will not get to see the house, and Mike Jr. Has promised to keep it a complete surprise. They will have the final ceremony Saturday at 3 p.m.