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International Women's Day Makes It's Debut In East Biloxi

Women of different ethnicities, ages and backgrounds gathered in John Henry Beck Park in East Biloxi to usher in the debut of International Women's Day.

"We have blacks, whites and Asians. It just a blessing to see us mixing together as a community, working together as a community and fellowshipping as a community and just having fun," says Daisy Guyton, Biloxi.

The NAACP's Youth Praise in Unity wowed the crowd with their praise dancing while "The Conquerors," a local singing duo, kept people moving in their seats. But entertainment wasn't the only appeal drawing the people.

Sixteen organizations including the American Red Cross, Moms and Tots Playgroup, the Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights and Triad came out to offer women information on services they provide.

"We want the information and resources to be in the central areas of the community, so they'll know where it is for now. And they can reach out. This is another attempt to let the community know we haven't left them," says Hanshaw.

Coastal Women for Change co-organized the event with Hands on Gulf Coast.

"We work a lot in this community and this area around the park and have done a lot of work in the park.  We wanted to have a day to celebrate all the strong women leaders in this area," says Elizabeth Falcon, Hands On Gulf Coast.

Although it was a day to celebrate women, organizers didn't forget about the men of the community.

"We really do have to lift up the men sometime, but there's a lot of single men out there keeping their kids.  Now, they get to see what type of resources we have here for child care providers," says Hanshaw.

No matter what those who came out took away from the celebration, they agree the time spent at today's event was well worth it.

"It's really just a nice, nice event," says Guyton.

Alice Brown catered free lunches for the event and every woman and girl walked away with a free gift.  OxFam America and the Ms. Foundation also helped sponsor the event. Organizers say they plan on making International Women's Day an annual event.

By Krystal Allan

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