Mississippi State, Ole Miss Students Team Up to Rebuild

They're usually pitted against each other, but on this day, students from Mississippi State and Ole Miss teamed up to carry out a common goal - fixing up a Katrina-battered home on Fournier Avenue in Gulfport.

"We have pretty much done the entire kitchen, cabinets, floor, sink, stove, trim, ceiling... everything. We ripped out ceilings out of about two-thirds of the house, it kept us busy most of the day," said Billy Dahlgren, MSU's Assistant Director of the school's College Student Union.

"This is a wonderful alternative spring break experience for our students. We have a lot of students at Ole Miss who have lost their homes, or their families, have seen damage from Hurricane Katrina, and this is a great way for them to still engage and be involved in building the coast back up," said Matthew Hunt, Ole Miss's Intrafraternity Council Advisor.

Eleven of the students are from Mississippi State, and 12 are from Ole Miss, but it's a level playing field at the Gulfport home as these students spend their spring break helping out fellow Mississippians.

"I find it more fulfilling. I have fun all year round, and these people probably need me more than I need to be on the beach, so I just...it warms my heart to do that," said Savesch Dosooye, an Ole Miss student volunteer.

Despite the comraderie, there's still a hint of rivalry in the air.

"The Bulldogs may have worked a little harder today, but the rebels were supporting us the whole time," said Justin Castanza, a student at Mississippi State University.