Convoy Of Hope Giveaway Provides Food And Faith

A makeshift barber shop, outdoor grocery store and a place for prayer are three resaons why a Moss Point family came to Convoy of Hope's outreach event.

"Seems like we're having a good time, and it's something to do to get up out the house," Moss Point resident Barbara Thompson says.

Thompson could have relaxed with a massage, but instead she's ready to get to work.

"When I saw the sign I said let me go ahead and get over here and get a job or apply for one. I rushed over here and got in line, so that's what I did," Thompson says.

Convoy of Hope transportation director, David Evans, hopes this event will help people get busy in other aspects of their life, too. He says this tent offers visitors a chance to pray and receive some spiritual healing. And when visitors have worked up an appetite, bags of groceries are ready and waiting.

Workers unloaded 4,100 bags of groceries from their truck. In those bags you can find things like diced tomatoes, French fried onions and Ramen noodles.

Evans hopes the food will help nourish the young and old; new haircuts will give kids confidence; and group prayer can help renew these Katrina victims, from the inside out.

"Everybody has a need, and hopefully we can help fill that need," Evans says.

Convoy of Hope will host another major giveaway next month.

That event will be on April 21st in Gautier at the Community College, beginning at 9 a.m.