Work Continues At Northrop Grumman Shipyard In Gulfport Despite Strike In Pascagoula

It's a quieter scene at the Northtrop Grumman Shipyard in Gulfport.

Instead of picking up pickett signs, these workers will be picking-up paychecks.

Even those who aren't union members say they understand why the guarantee of a paycheck persuaded union workers to vote yes.

"Some of the people wanted more money but some said they couldn't earn this much money somewhere else," says Gayle Head, worker.

Others workers say they can understand why the desire for something better led workers in Pasacagoula to turn down the new contract.

"We all want better no matter what department you're working in. If you're thinking you deserve more all you're going to do is ask, and all you can do is ask," says Frances Holloway, worker.

According to Communication Manager Bill Glenn, the major highlights of the contract are the same, such as hourly wage increases and the length of contract.

The contract does have slight differences, but he says, those differences were offered to give workers at shipyards in Gulfport, New Orleans and Tallulah some of the same benefits workers in Pascagoula already enjoyed.

Some of those extras included bonuses and shift premiums for workers, this according to Jim Couch of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Regardless of how things turn out in Pascagoula, work will go on as normal in Gulfport.