Small Business Owners Learn Importance of Marketing

A series of seminars could help coast small businesses see bigger profits.

On Saturday small business owners learned the basics of developing marketing plans that suit their needs. "A Marketing Point of View" was the first of four economic empowerment seminars St. Paul United Methodist Church in Biloxi plans to sponsor this year.

Consultants say having a good marketing plan doesn't have to be expensive and small business owners can't afford to be without one.

" In a small business all you have is the image and reputation that you create," said Philip Polk, a small business consultant. "You don't have the benefit that larger businesses have of several offices and several employees that can go out and be advocates for you're business. You have to do it all yourself."

Some businesses owners welcomed the chance to network and share information.

"I'm a small business owner, and sometimes we have to travel say to New Orleans or to Atlanta to be able to keep abreast of information that's helpful to small business and this way the information is coming to us," small business owner Allyson Wynn said.

St. Paul United Methodist will be sponsoring three more free seminars on topics like job promotions and finances. If you are interested in attending one of these seminars call 432-0247.

By Danielle Thomas