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Volunteers Seeking Work To Help Rebuild South Mississippi Homes

"We just want to let the community know that we are still here and we're going to be here," says Jim Sellers with the Tennessee Baptist Commission.

They are here with enough tools and manpower to help rebuild the Coast. Volunteers with the Tennessee Baptist Commission are working day in and day out on what they say is an assignment from God.

Mike Nolin is one of the skilled volunteers. He says he couldn't wait to jump on board.  However, he wasn't ready for what he was about to witness.

"The first time I kept saying, 'I can imagine'. I was wrong. I can't imagine. No one can imagine what this was like until you get here, and you see it. What we think is a hard time, come and loose your whole home. Come and lose your whole neighborhood," says Nolin.

Try losing it twice. Anthony and Antoinette Alexander, married for almost 38 years, had been married only two months when Camille hit. So, when Katrina came along, they knew exactly what to do. It's something their nine children couldn't understand.

"They say you act as if this van is going to be your home. I said with a hurricane you never know what it's going to be. So I packed that van so tight, they couldn't believe it," says Antoinette Alexander.

She was right, when the Alexanders returned to Pass Christian, there was nothing left of their home.

"I had worked 28 years to get this house at the stage where it was and to just watch everything to get totally destroyed in one day. 28 years of my life, of our life," says Anthony Alexander.

Now the Tennessee volunteers are working hard to help the Alexanders and other families on the Coast. Jim Sellers with the Tennessee Baptist Commission says the group has everyone from skilled plumbers to a chainsaw team to cut down trees.

If you have storm damage and need help, you can call Jim Sellers at 328-0534. The group only supplies the labor, the homeowner is responsible for the materials.

By Elise Roberts

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