Deer Island Closer To Becoming A State Park

Deer Island will be preserved in its natural state forever. That's because half of the 15-million dollars needed to buy the island is now in place. It's a combination of state and federal money. Deer Island will remain a place where wildlife and marine life can continue to flourish.

Over the years, several plans to develop Deer Island have fizzled. Today environmentalists are rejoicing. Deer island is the second barrier island the state has acquired in just a year. The non-profit group "Trust for Public Land" helped preserve Cat Island, and was instrumental in securing Deer Island.

State leaders like Congressman Gene Taylor, Senator Thad Cochran and Secretary of State Eric Clark helped find six-point-eight million dollars in federal and local funds. That's half of the 15 million dollar price tag to buy Deer Island from the Sanders family.

The state must still come up with the rest of the money to complete the purchase, and preserve Deer Island's nearly 500 acres as a natural place for future generations to enjoy.