Protecting Your Plants From The Cold Snap

Over the past week, we've seen temperatures that flirt with the 80s to those that stay in the mid 30s. But what does that mean for your plants?

Monday afternoon, Elise Roberts spent some time with Beth Harris, owner of Green Thumb Nursery, to find out what South Mississippians need to do to protect their gardens.

"When we have beautiful sunny days, we get our pots out and our shovels and our potting soil and then we get a little bit of cold weather. It does affect the plants," says Harris.

Harris says last week's warm weather gave some people along the Coast spring fever. However, she's reminding her customers that there may still be even more winter weather on the way, and that could mean trouble for your plants.

"It puts them into a state of shock. When they go into a state of shock, they wilt and they look like they are dry, so the common mistake is to water them. They are not dry, they are just adjusting to the temperature, so the extra water that they are getting will give them root damage," says Harris.

So until we get the green thumbs up, Harris says be patient with the weather and your gardens.

Harris also says if you forgot to bring your plants in last night and they look a little wilted, just give them a couple of days to readjust to the temperature change. If they perk up, then they are fine.