Ocean Springs Man Uses His Unique Craftsmanship To Create One Of A Kind Artwork

Armed with planks of wood, power tools and protective goggles, Gabe Steptoe turns pieces of wood into works of art.

"It's just that simple," says Steptoe.

Gabe Steptoe is among a small number of people in the country who creates custom-made,  high-quality boards by hand.  He decorates many with acrylic, water color or pen and ink designs.

Steptoe makes everything from longboards to surfboards. He makes slalom boards which are designed for racing between cones. And those looking for some serious speed, look no further than his drop-deck boards.

"You find a hill you're bombing it. Be prepared to do 30 to 40 miles per hour on my board," says Steptoe.

Steptoe didn't have to look very far to get the materials needed to build his boards.

"All my wood is from trees that fell during Katrina," says Steptoe.

His company Foiled Concepts is now a year old.  But like any new business, he's had to skate past a few bumps in the road.

"I was working on a high quality board for two customers. I went inside to some paperwork and the next thing I know I went back inside and the boards were gone," says Steptoe.

Someone stole the boards last week, but it's not stopping Steptoe from making more boards or hopping on one to compete or get a little of exercise.

"I'd rather not go on the gym I'd rather hop on that board," says Steptoe.

Steptoe says he hopes to use his love for making boards to get more people along the Gulf Coast moving with a little fancy, skateboard footwork. But, the boards are not only meant for riding, they're also what Steptoe refers to as functional art... meaning the boards can be displayed as artwork.

Steptoe's wife, Sarah helps him with the marketing and promoting of Foiled Concepts.  She says the website www.foiledconcepts.com should be up and running in the coming week.