Having Fun While Healing Through A Little Fishing

Claudia Espenscheid said she started Fishin Chix to fulfill practical and emotional needs she saw in her community.

"We needed to feed our people and we also needed to get away from the stress and the daily drudgery of cleaning up and all of that.  I got my girlfriends together and said let's do something really different and out of the box," says Espenscheid.

But when some of the ladies first start, they're not sure what to expect.

"These ladies who've never fished, they ask me, what do I need to wear when I go fishing, says Espenscheid.

To help the ladies and dispel the myth that a fashionable fisher is an oxymoron, Espenscheid created a line of fashion made for fishing. Espenscheid has apparel ready to wear for monthly club fishing trips complete with pink rubber boots. And when these women hit the water, they really know how to reel in the big ones.

"I caught 110 pound sailfish which was very exciting," says Espensheid.

"I got a 36 inch red fish and it was fat too," says Bela Espensheid.

And the youngest chicks in the fishing crew don't have no problem stepping up.

"I aspire to be like my mom with her Fishin Chicks. So I thought why wait I want to do it now. So we started Fishin Chicklets," says Katarina Espensheid.

Fishin Chicklets already has 20 members and plans for its own line of clothing.

"It's cool because we have sleep overs and we get to fish," says Bela Espenscheid.

The young president already has her eyes set on another venture. It's called Chicklet Chatter.

"We just want the new and old members to know what's going on and what's happen in the future," says Katarina Espenscheid.

After all the chicks and chicklets make their big catches of the day, they don't mind handing it off to someone else to handle it from there.

"We figure that if we're going to catch them we'll take them home and let the husbands cook and clean them for us," says Claudia Espenscheid.

Fishin Chicks is now about 200 members strong. They're planning three competitive fishing tournaments for women this year to help raise money for the children's fund at Covenant Hospice.

Espenscheid says they have three more in the works for next year including one in Biloxi.

For more information on how you can sign up for the club, you can check out their website at fishinchix.com