A Pass Christian Woman Launches A Grass Roots Effort To Support A Flood Insurance Bill

Tracy Rouyer has been burning up the keys on her laptop ever since Congressman Gene Taylor introduced a bill that would add an amendment to the National Flood Insurance Act to include windstorm coverage. She's e-mailed drafts of the bill to everybody she can think of. "Lets see I've done Oprah, Ellen Degenerous, Lobbyists, I've had friends from around the country send me information on their newspapers. I've done Television stations, I'm sending it to the churches. I called CNN they were very interested but I haven't heard back from them yet. They were not aware of the proposal either," says Tracy Rouyer.

She says passing the bill is the last hope for people to afford to rebuild. "I can not afford both the house note and 500 dollars a month in Insurance. If it's not passed or something is not done regarding the insurance our towns will not come back they'll never come back," says Rouyer. Rouyer is urging Coast residents to spread the word out across the country. "It just needs to be told so other people can get on the train sort of speak and back this up," says Rouyer. Congressman Gene Taylor echoed her words, saying the insurance industry has powerful lobbyist working to protect their interests.  "So we're going to need some people to counter that people who have a stake in this that's the realtors have a stake in this . The home builders have a stake in this the mortgage bankers all have a stake in this , so we'd like to see those grass roots organizations get involved both in Mississippi and Washington get involved to make this happen," says Taylor. He says the optional federal coverage won't be dirt cheap...but will make a difference.  "I still think it's going to be a heck of a lot cheaper than what the private sector is offering and the other part of it is a heck of a lot more reliable Al, Our nation really stepped up and fulfilled it's obligation as far as the federal flood insurance . I didn't get a single complaint about federal flood insurance, I got thousands of complaints about private sector insurance," Taylor says.

Congressman Taylor says the bill is gaining momentum . He says so far the measure has 25 congressional co-sponsors. He says there'll be a hearing before a finances sub-committee later this month.