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Public Safety & Emergency Workers Honored

Since the September 11th attacks, emergency workers say they've seen a major change in public attitude about their dangerous and often thankless jobs.

"I see a lot more appreciation for what we do out here, a lot more support than we used to have," Emergency Medical Technician  T.J. Cooper said. "It seems like the public has come together and they really appreciate what we do now."

Cooper's partner says the vivid images of destruction and rescue efforts in New York and Washington drove home the reality of what emergency workers really do, that their job is not always easy or safe.

"There's a new love of everybody who's in the emergency business of any kind," Paramedic Dee Montesanto said. "People walk up and bring us things and seek us out and thank us and they've never even met us before."

Emergency medical workers are strangers to most of us, until we need their services and skills.

"You don't understand us until you need us but since 9-11 the whole country needed us that day and now they see it as it may be their grandmother or their mother or their family," Montesanto said.

Cooper and Montesanto never know where the next call will take them, they just head to wherever someone needs help.

By Marcia Hill

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