Animal Shelter Expansion Nearing Completion

The new addition to the Waveland Animal Shelter is dream come true for Shelter Director Valerie Viescas. It's a 450-square-foot spay and neuter clinic.

"For the community, it's going to mean less dogs running around starving with mange and stuff, tearing up trash," Viescas said. "It's going to keep them off the streets, and it's going to cut down on the animals we have to euthanize monthly, because we do have to euthanize a lot of animals."

The city put up around $10,000 to build the clinic. And a new citizens organization called Friends of The Animal Shelter will raise money to buy equipment and furnishings.

"Here in Hancock County, we do not have at this time a spay and neuter facility, so a lot of the animals that go out of the shelter that are not spayed and neutered eventually their off spring come back, so it's an ongoing cycle," Friends of the Animal Shelter Director Paula Leoni said.

The groups was organized five months ago. Since then, the group has raised about $4,000 for pet food, supplies and equipment.

"The commitment from the Friends of the Animal Shelter, they look at our goals and what our focus is, and they support us in getting that done," Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo.

Other improvements at the shelter include a cover over outdoor stalls. Future goals at the shelter is to add 20 more stalls that will double the number of dogs the shelter can take in.

Shelter leaders hope to have the spay and neuter clinic opened by mid summer. If you can help purchase equipment for the new clinic or want more information about the Friends of the Animal Shelter, you can contact Paula Leoni at (228) 466-0935.

By Al Showers

Online Producer Glenn Cummins