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Coast Drummer Prepares To Enter National Spotlight

Aaron Gainer, 26, has been pounding on the drums basically all his life. He got his first real drum set at the age of 10. All those years of practice are now paying off. His Louisiana-based group, "12 Stones " will tour with "Creed" this spring.

"It's incredible to have that kind of exposure that all those people that are going to see Creed will hear 12 Stones music," he said.

The song called "My Life" has not been released yet, but when it along with their self-titled album comes out in April, that song will be played on radio stations across the country and will be heard on the soundtrack for the movie "Mummy 3."

Of course, many people have already heard Gainer's work and don't even know it. As a radio dee-jay at WCPR , he's known as AJ Fantastic, a job that he says gave him tremendous opportunities.

"Gave me the opportunity to meet people, to have opportunities to audition for bands and meet musicians and really is the whole reason that this opportunity I have now has come up," he said.

Co-workers at WCPR say "12 Stones" has a unique sound that could become very popular and Gainer deserves to make it big.

"Everybody says, 'oh, overnight success and oh, he's so lucky' " said radio host Kevin Cruise. "He's been playing drums for a long, long time. He's worked hard to get the opportunity that he has. We're proud of him."

Gainer admits he daydreams about the fame and riches that could come from this tour, but he says, he's most looking forward to the chance just to play his music live all over the world.

By Amanda Jones

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